For no other reason than

“It is a fairy’s life, a fairy story. Anyone who doesn’t believe in fairies had better shut these pages here and now and throw them into the wastepaper basket, or cut them up to line his bookshelves, and very expensive that will be. Not only will he be rejecting the evident truth that nothing, absolutely nothing, is explicable in this mysterious world, but, in his antiquated Victorian skepticism (and this without disrespect to a monarch I revere), he will miss some interesting things, and I am sorry for him. Of the many ways of being poor in spirit, and dismissing the earth as a dull sort of place, perhaps the stupidest is to say no to the hidden relish that gives life that touch of magic.”


From “The Wandering Unicorn” by Manuel Mujica Lainez.
One of my favourite stories ever, my insides expand a little bit just thinking about it! I’ve not been able to find it in any regular bookshop, and this is one of those things I want to actually buy for myself and carry home in a bag, take it up and look at on the tube, feel that it is truly just mine. For some reason I don’t get that from Amazone. So, for now I go to the library whenever I get the urge.


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