Illustration Friday: Poof!

I have a friend who’s not answered my e-mails in almost a year. Being a bit slow on the uptake sometimes, it’s not until these last couple of weeks that I’ve begun to worry about it. I’m going to give it another try when I get back to Sweden later this month, but self concious and self centered as I am I can’t help thinking that the obvious reason is that she’s grown tired of me.

This perhaps-former-friend of mine likes tea. The last time I saw her we went to a tea-shop to get the next flavour on the list; she’s determined to try every last one they have! To go with it we then went searching for a teapot to add to her collection, as a kind of moving-in present to herself for when she got her new flat.
I so very much hope that that won’t be my last memory of her, but there you go. I made this drawing as a kind of tiny little homage to a friendship that may have gone up in a slow Poof!.


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