Illustration Friday: "Sail" oil painting

In his younger, more adventurous days my father used to be a sailor, mainly on the Johnson Line South America route. Unfortunately the souvenirs from that time are all gone, but the photos are left and ever since we were little, my sister and I have been fascinated by the dreamy, slightly faded images of those days. Some day I’d like to make a huge wall-size painting capturing that feeling, but until then I’m practicing in tiny format.

This is one of those exercises.

Initially I gave this one up because I couldn’t get the colours right, but the play on light and shadow still isn’t that bad, so I’ve kept it this far. Perhaps I’ll work on it later on, develop it.

The photo it was based upon is one of my favourites, ’cause it really captures the moment of a lazy sunny day; it could basically be any day in any time.

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