Illustration friday: "Routine"

For someone who’s bored by the very mentioning of the word “routine”, I actually need it. I need it to get things done, and I believe I’m not the only one with that problem…
Last year was spent in heaven; with lessons five days a week and nobody to care for but me, I produced more than I’d done in my entire life. While I’m not saying that what I made were masterpieces, it still felt unbelievably good to never run out of ideas, to have your head so full of them that it ached. Nowadays I’m often too tired or too busy to paint everyday. BUT… last thursday I had an afternoon stuck not being able to paint (or read or in the mood for daydreaming) and bored anough to risk going mad. So, I began to doodle – which I haven’t done since my university days.
I began by doing a cluster of repetitive circles, which made me think of smoke, in turn reminding me of all the talk about how polluted Beijing is (now that there is no talk that doesn’t involve the games) and then onwards to the actual athletes themselves… Most of them probably have endless repetitions behind them, a routine that’s lasted years. Now, I know I could never keep anything up for that long a period, it’s just not in me. But it did make me think, and so on that thursday afternoon I vowed to myself that for that month, I would be doing at least two paintings or drawings each day – two finished pieces, that is, because I do do a lot of starts, and nearly as many giveups.
And with that thought, I actually finished this particular doodle into a drawing, too.

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