Hot bath, 29/8

I’m usually a bit of a loner but whenever I feel it’s threatening to turn into demofobia, I sign up to volunteer at a festival or something – theres no way they’d let you sit in a corner behind a book! 😉 Anyway, that’s what I’m doing now; there’s a popfestival here in Stockholm called Popaganda, crammed with lots and lots of nice people to talk to…
Another good thing about gatherings is that they’re inspiring – all those colours and clothes and sounds make me want to paint! Unfortunately I won’t be able to start until tomorrow at the earliest as I’ll be rather busy garding a backstage area or something.
Yesterday, however, was rather wet and windy and I had to walk around in soaked shoes for seven hours. So the first thing I did when I got back (after feeding and entertaining the cat, of course) was to take a hot bath. So nice I nearly fell asleep.
Unfortunately I woke up with a cold, probably passed on by my sister and worsened by the rain, but Ive a good immune system so it’ll probably’ve blown over by tomorrow.

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