Illustration Friday: "Memories"

…oops, I just noticed the shadows on the front make me look pregnant. My mind’s going Freudian on me now. 😛
But never mind that.
You know how a memory can seem perfectly crystal clear in your head …until you compare it with a friend’s and realize she’s nuts. Obviously.
And then you think about it going home on the metro. And on the walk from the metro. And during dinner. And after a while that memory’s a little bit muddled and your friend’s starting to make more sense – especially if it’s happened before and you’ve been proven to be in the wrong.
I did try a deliberate memory alteration once, I don’t remember the details now, but it was something simple like taking a photo and then trying to remember that the dress was green instead of red. And it kind of worked! Of course I knew it was fake, but it my mind the picture really did have a different colour.
Funny and sad all at once.
And interesting.
Very sci fi.


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