lösryckt. scattered.

Today, there was nothing in my head but air.
Very relaxing.
Such days are meant for doodles.
So I started with a simple sketch of a fellow painter.

As I was drawing her, I noticed that she’s actually got some curves! That got me thinking of another model I once had the opportunity to sketch. She was actually a bit bony but going by what we produced after a session with her, you’d never have guessed that – she did the most fabulous posing to bring out the shapes. There’s another sketch that really illustrates that, but it’s tucked away somewhere and I need a good spring cleaning to find it. Another time.

I then produced a little fish pond.

I think I’m done for the day now.

Oh, btw, when I got home, the wind had dramatically turned me into the head of Medusa – see profile pic to the right.


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