guy in skirt

One of the things about living abroad is that you miss out on the small news that don’t make it to the online papers. I was in Sweden last September and realized that there had been a discussion for some time about adding a female pedestrian crossing sign. Several municipalities and private citizens have already been putting up alternative (in many ways!) – and illegal – signs, but now The Swedish Road Administration’s apparently planning to do it official by updating the design offered by the original artist but never used. This sign here I found on my everyday route, just never paid much attention to it until I one day happened to look up at the dark skies.
I’m glad they didn’t put breasts and pigtails on her, that would’ve been pretty but way too 50’s! 😀
The one thing that’s never been questioned (I think?) is her name – Fru Gårman, Mrs Gårman. Not as effective as Herr Gårman – Mr Gårman – which is a play on words and sounds exactly like ‘här går man’, meaning ‘here you walk’, but there you go, so to speak. I wonder if they’ll put him on one side of the street and her on the other? There’ll be flirting in the workplace, I think. 🙂
…But since we’re bein PC, I wonder how much flirting’s been going on already? 😉


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