Learning a new language

I decided last year that I would learn a new language. The reason for that – besides the fact that I like being able to talk – was that for a long while I’d been watching lots and lots of asian dramas and movies but had always been dependent on subs. After looking around for a bit, I realized that the market for Japanese language courses was much larger than both Korean and Chinese (although the latter has gained ground fast – I noticed last year that there are comprehensive schools in Sweden offering Mandarin. I could only choose between French and German. But at least now I’m not constricted to English subs only πŸ˜‰ ). Anyhow, I chose Japanese, it just seemed easier. At the time, I was on holiday and had all the time in the world and when I got back to work and chores and seven cats, I dropped a few things from my schedule.
BUT, then, a couple of months ago I decided again and this time I prepared and did some rearranging, and now it’s coming along alright. However, to get back to drawing, I thought I’d try combining the two by illustrating a randomly selected word or phrase; today’s word is ‘suika’ meaning ‘watermelon’. The story behind this drawing is that my Mother, as a child, was a country girl, and when she would tell us stories of those days, it always sounded terribly exotic and immense and I imagined cotton fields and torrential rain and scorching sun – so far from our very normal suburban everydays .

…and hopefully, one day, my scribbles will be good enough for a Japanese-reading person to uderstand. πŸ˜€


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