Etsy buys and etsy shop philosophy

Just bought this from a Cat’s Nest and I simply cannot wait to se it on my wrist!
Meanwhile, some recent events have made me rethink my own Etsy-shop goal a bit. While my original intention was some vague idea of hopefully doing well enough to be able to give a certain percentage to charities and such, this day today has suddenly made that goal much more clear. The story beginns like this: there are cats around the neighbourhood who stop by once in a while for a bit to eat or a cuddle or just to make sure nobody’s been trespassing on their turf. Well, one of those cats came back with a three little kittens about a month ago. Very cute and all, but now some of the neighbours are starting to complain. Not much can be done about that now but hopefully she’ll let herself be caught and spayed. Only, it’ll cost and quite a bit, too. With that and the cost for food and vet bills for the other feral cats we ‘look after’ (not to mention the ones in the house!), it’s a little beyond my means. But, it gave me some determination I didn’t have before and I started thinking… and then came the news about how restaurants in the Chinese cities of Guangdong and Chongqing have been prohibited to serve chicken that have been poisoned to death. The story made me angry and overjoyed at once – happy because the ban apparently came about after blogging campains! It brings hope to the world.
And it made me decide: it has to be all or nothing, so therefore, from now on, all proceeds – 100% – will go toward animal welfare (and hopefully some human, too!). It has got me inspired and bubbly to get started. Let’s see if I can make something and then post the shop-link this week.
Alright, I’ve babbled enough for one night. I’m off to wait for a soft blue package to arrive.

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