Illustration Friday: Unfold – ひろげる- HIROGERU

There are sometimes expressions I won’t use, simply beacuse they don’t describe my view of the situation. ‘A knot in the stomach is’ one of them. What I do get is something more like a rolled up ball of worry – and I realised that just today because of IFs ‘unfold’.
Now to the explanation… one of my cats started bleeding from her mouth yesterday night and until she got to the vet and got diagnosed with ‘just’ an infection, rather than an illness, poison or a serious wound, there was no way of concentrating on anything else. When I did get the results, though, my worries unfolded like a flower and the heatwave we’re experiencing right now for once didn’t bother me at all.
She´s more or less fine now, I´m just trying to coax her out of her corner to eat a little something.


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