Sbs Teas on Vegan Craft Samples

The Rooibos Tea Wand™ is a hand crafted, glass straw that brews and filters rooibos, tea leaves, herbs, infusions and even coffee through its an attached mini French press filter in the convenience of your tea cup.

Simply add hot water to your rooibos or loose tea, steep, build flavor and sip to the very last drop through your Rooibos Tea Wand™.

I’m still not entirely sure what this thing is but it does sound interesting… could it be like one of those straws used in Mate tea in South America?
Sbs Teas feature regularly on Vegan Craft Samples. I’ve not participated there yet – the pace is tremendous and I feel I need a little push to get me going. And perhaps I’ve found it: This post came about because Sbs is doing a give-away through Vegan Craft Samples and one of the criterias was to post something about Sbs, so here I am 😉

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