Illustration Friday: "Propagate"; ひろまる – hiromaru

“Propagate”: to spread//move through

The idea of random acts of kindness was mentioned on Etsy this week and so I’ve been thinking about that; exactly what counts as kindness? Are concious, planned deeds automatically disqualified? Every unselfish act is at some level selfish but what if the end justifies the means and the means aren’t bad?
Anyhow, propagating kindness and a smile whereever you go can’t be wrong; we are our own world and we can propel it whichever way we want. Or we can try, at least. 🙂
And if you’re not in the mood for smiling, here’s something to blurp next time you see your archenemy: Utinam barbari alum tuum invadant.
Means “May barbarians invade your armpits.”


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