Slow work

Lots of work this week but most of it went into the bin. This here is the only one to have survived this long! It’s far from finished and a few things went wrong along the way but with fingers crossed (or would toes be more practical?) I might just save it! Excuse the quality of the photo – batteries were out and I had to use the webcamera.
It’s been a poor week all over, really; my latest blunder happened on Etsy last night but I’m trying to forget all about it so the less mentioned, the better…
I’m in the mood for something sweet or salty or fun; saw a recipe for homemade vegan hard cheese but hit the depressingly battered wall again when I realised I’d have to import the ingredients.
Soy products here are very limited and where there are any they’re low-fat and healthy and don’t work at all with the recipes. So, another week without a substitute for my absolute favourite ice-cream ever: Tofuline’s strawberry and blueberry flavours – they even beat regular ice-cream to a pulp! I have some vague memory of licking a slice of heaven in an ice-cream parlour in Buenos Aires back when I still lived in the world of carnivores – literally actually since the average Argentine human supposedly enjoys more meat than any other on this planet – but I suspect that my tastebuds have changed since then and that I would now find it too sweet. I have no doubt, however, that there is a dairy-free Italian Ice-cream somewhere across the pond and I would gladly try it at least once!

…Blimey, that’s a lot of text… and only a portion of it related to the photo… methinks it’s time for a snack with the cats.
G’night all! 🙂

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