glass marbles painting finished!

I found these old maps stashed away in a corner, with old quality photos of places that may or may not be recognisable today!

On one side of this particular map, was the Buenos Aires rail system. Maps have a way of making destinations seem more real, and metro/rail lines even more so – you imagine people commuting early summer mornings with the sun in their eyes or a family travelling to a city park for a picknick.

My family moved from Argentina to Sweden when I was still very young and I have no memories of ever living there. But just knowing that my life and my self could have been so very different, is sometimes odd to think about. One of those thoughts, I’ve put into this painting:
I placed some of my old schoolyard glass marbles on top of an even older map of the Buenos Aires rail system. I probably rode at least one of those lines a few times. It won’t trigger any memories but it’s an attempt to connect to a part of my life I don’t quite recognise.

This style of painting is new to me and I’m still not sure how to develoope it to make it my own but so far I like it. I’m particularly pleased with the vivid colour scheeme – at the moment I actually prefer watching the painting tilted just a bit so I can see the bright red sides! 😀

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