Spoiled seller on and off Etsy!

Well, I had four sales this week, yay!
…and I really don’t want to say ‘but’…
the three that were listed on Etsy did not sell on Etsy.
But I’m happy! Really, I am – I’ve been smiling all week! But… I think I’ve become addicted to Etsy! I love making packages – it only took one sale to get me hooked on that! – selling at exhibitions doesn’t always give me that oportunity. And now I’m feeling guilty for even thinking this, I mean, every sale is a huge event, however it came to be! I’d better get back to painting and stay off Etsy, at least for the day! 😀
This past week has been a little bit hectic – EuroWeek on Etsy meant lots of promotion to get done; two exhibitions – joint such, but still. And then four sales and a reservation, I think it all went to my head…
Hooked on Etsy but need to kick the habit… ideas, anyone? 😉

One Response to “Spoiled seller on and off Etsy!”

  1. nancy Says:

    lol, thanks! I'm working on the interview but keep tweeking… don't worry, I'll get it done before the end of the month! 🙂

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