Annuk, you lovely thing! :)

Annuk, a wonderful, colourful Etsy artist has done a feature on me on her blog!
Annuk is one of those people that aren’t too shy to contact total strangers just because… well, because! That’s how I got to know her – I hearted two of her rings (and like I later told her – I stopped at two, becasue I instantly realised I’d have to go through every single item in her shop and not get anything else done!;) and she convoed me to say thanks! How sweet is that! I have trouble even commenting on blogs because I feel as if stepping into someone’s private home…

I’ll tell you why I fell for Annuk:
My biggest interest in life (animal welfare doesn’t count as a hobby and my art is so intertwined with my everyday life that it too falls under another section) is archaeology – it is the one subject I can get obsessed with, that I can spend an eternity reading and am passionate about. I am such a history geek! Not that I’m any sort of expert in any area – I gave up on that long ago – but the idea of archaeology is still in my soul.
What does this have to do with Annuk’s creations, you ask? Well, isn’t it obvious, I ask back? 😉 Just look at this black cat ring named after the Egyptian cat godess Bastet! Look how smooth she is, like made for sitting on your hand and be caressed…

Or this Mykonos Ceramic Shard Pendant, that is like the blue of the Aegean Sea and the swirls so often seen decorating both ancient and modern wares!

And with this one, Road To Damaskus, can’t you imagine yourself having it sparkling on your finger while walking through the multitude of caravans filled with luxuries from the whole Eastern hemisphere – giving claim to the saying that “all roads lead to Damascus”!

Of course I’m romanticising history, skipping the wars and famine and class divides but for everyday purpose, I prefer to conecentrate on the positive glamorous side of life! And of course, one item from ancient Cairo is in reality the same as picking up an I-heart-NY t-shirt but we also know that reality isn’t always just what we can all collectively see and touch but also what’s in our minds and hearts.
And that’s why I fell for Annuk’s creations!

And then, after reading her blog and seeing her beautiful Greek cat Zoe, I fell for Annuk the artist. 🙂


4 Responses to “Annuk, you lovely thing! :)”

  1. Annuk Says:

    Sweet Nancy, this is such a wonderful and beautiful present!!! What a warm and sweet post about me and my work, I feel so happy and honored! YOU made my day Nancy!!!!! It's really great to know you!!! :))))

  2. Nancy van den Boom Says:

    Warm and very nice to read!!!Nancy van den Boom

  3. Pixel Wild Child Says:

    I can't agree more! Anna is such a lovely person and a very talanted artist. Her art feels so much like the Aegean sea, it is amazing!

  4. nancy Says:

    It was a pleasure to make just a little something for such a wonderful person! 🙂

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