Charity of the month and last week’s treasuries!

I had items in two treasuries last week:

Both were to made in support of the Etsy For Animals’ charity of the month, which for April is the Dutch animal ambulance service:

” This Dutch animal ambulance service provides emergency care to injured animals and transports them to the vet. Also they transport animals to specialized shelters troughout the country. The ambulance staff is highly trained and in possesion of a diploma for Animal First Aid…. Also for transporting your pet to the vet and back home, you can call upon the animal ambulance. “

” The volunteers at the Animal Ambulance in Alphen a/d Rijn have a big problem. One of the 2 vans was completely destroyed after a collision on Wednesday January 27th, 2010. This collision was not their fault and luckily no-one was hurt. But until there is a solution to replace this ambulance van animals in need will often have to wait longer before help arrives… The animal ambulance needs to raise a few 10,000 euros /dollars for a new fully equiped ambulance…”

I haven’t had the chance to donate much to the monthly charities yet and I’m still not a contributing member of the Vegan Craft Samples but I’m in the middle of searching for good printing paper and if I find something tomorrow (I’m actually taking a trip out of town as a last resort!) I can start making prints and card again and that way I can make some samples to send.

One Response to “Charity of the month and last week’s treasuries!”

  1. Annuk Says:

    Such a wonderful and great project! Good luck!!!!!!!

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